The History of Skynode

The History of Skynode

Skynode is a hosting company that was formed in mid-2017 and is registered in The Netherlands. But what is the history behind Skynode? How did the company start? How has the company been developed over the years? Well, you are about to find out.

Mid 2017

Skynode launched its first website with their two plans Budget Hosting and Premium Hosting besides Minecraft we also did Dedicated Machine Hosting. Below here is how the Skynode site was first launched, as you can see they now make use of a more modern design.

The panel also had a different look to it, the panel they used was pterodactyl.

It had a more white and bright look to it. It was simple and clean and users had no issues using the panel what so ever.

Late 2017

Skynode announced VPS hosting, which started at 2GB and was at a price point of $2.95 per GB.

Later this year since Skynode was only based on the European market first they expended out to their first North American Location in Beauharnois, Canada.

At the end of 2017, Skynode came with one other major update including a feature that has been heavily used over the years. The new knowledge base which holds all the articles that customers can take a look at to help them resolve their issue.

Early 2018

In early 2018 Skynode started their affiliates program, with their affiliates program you can refer people to Skynode and earn a % of sales. You will receive a link that you can send to people and when they used that link to buy a package you get money.

There was also a big panel update with new features like:
- Same SFTP password as your panel account
- Multiple SFTP accounts per sub user
- Create MySQL databases yourself
- Higher stability
- Select multiple files for mass actions in the File Manager
- Automated Dedicated IP Provisioning
- You can now edit existing schedules.

Mid 2018

Skynode launched Free Server Hosting, this was right after Skynode was celebrating their one year anniversary, which was a big milestone for the company.

The Free Server Hosting was started to give back to the community and help the people out that could not afford a server or just wanted to try out our services. The Free servers were running 512MB of RAM at the time.

Later on, in the period Skynode also introduced Bedrock Hosting, the bedrock edition, also known as Minecraft MCPE, can be played on Android, IOS, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Kindle Fire, Gear VR, Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You could select two versions PocketMine and Nukkit.

Late 2018

Skynode made updates on the Free Server Hosting by upgrading the RAM from 512MB to 1024MB which meant users could get a whole 1GB of RAM for free to host their Minecraft Server on.

They also added two new payment methods, Credit/Debit card payments via Stripe and iDeal payments via Mollie this is due to the fact not everyone uses PayPal and Skynode wanted to serve everyone's needs.

Early 2019

The announcement was made that Bedrock Edition and Dedicated servers will be removed from the Skynode product line up.

Also, the new website launched which looked like this:

The VPS plans that were announced back in late 2017 has officially gone live. This was a long wait for the clients but eventually it was launched to the public as well.

Mid 2019

In mid-2019 there was an announcement stating that the Free Servers were temporarily unavailable. So people could not create free servers anymore but the servers that were already created stayed live.

Late 2019

Skynode launches their newly branded website and logo which will be showcased down below:

This was a brand new beginning for Skynode right at the ending of 2019. Just wait till we are in 2020.

Early 2020

This was the beginning of the new Panel with features like Cloud Backups, Plugin installer, and Player list. This was included in the update in detail:

New Panel Theme
A fresh new design to match their new site. The new panel theme gives you full control over your server from installing plugins to editing or deleting files, you name it, it's all there.

Cloud Backups
How does it work? It's really simple, the only things you have to do is click a button on the panel and you're good to go. The system will automatically upload your server to an off-site location. In case you want to restore the server just click the "Restore" button

Player list
You will now be able to see the players that are playing on the server from the dashboard and on the server management page.

Plugin installer
A long-anticipated and requested feature has now been added to the new panel. You can search and directly download the plugins to your server with a simple click of a button.

But that was not all that was announced. Also, the return of Free Servers was announced, with the same terms as before. The Free server got 1GB of RAM and had to be renewed now every 12 hours.

Mid 2020

This was the period of many, many, many updates, you can read them all below!

New back end Support System

Skynode launched a new support system that will decrease waiting times and will help the level of support being provided to clients even more.

New Pricing structure:

Since the beginning of Skynode they have had budget and premium servers. That has always been a point of conflict for us as they want to provide everyone with the best possible experience. This is why they will be removing Budget and Premium servers and give room for a new pricing structure which is not based on the type of hardware you get. From here on out every new order will be placed on the same hardware.

The Return of Bedrock Hosting!

There it finally is back again after waiting for about 1.5 years but Minecraft Bedrock hosting has made its return to Skynode.

Yet another but big panel update including:

Jar Installer
You can now easily switch jars from the panel. This has been a muc- requested update and today we are ready to roll it out.

SFTP Import
If you are switching to Skynode or simply want to move your files to a new server this can now be done with our SFTP importer. You fill in the details provided on your server detail page or provided by the host you are switching from and they do the rest!

URL Downloader
If you want to download a file directly that is now possible as well on the panel. Simply provide the download link and their panel will download it for you.

Port Adder
If you need a port for Votifier or something else you no longer need to contact Skynode. You can now navigate to your server details and request a new port. This port will then automatically be added to your server.

Free server update:

2GB Free Servers!
Skynode noticed that their free nodes are capped by CPU usage because new versions require a lot of CPU performance and this has let to most of the ram being unused, which is a waste! Skynode has therefore decided to change our free servers to 2GB to utilize our nodes more and giving people a better experience when running newer versions of Minecraft

12 Hour Renewals & Video Ads (soon)
Skynode has made a big change in the way our suspension time works. By default, all servers that are created or renewed will get 3 hours of playing time before they have to be renewed, but don't worry you can now extend this time to a max of 12 hours. This can be done by watching video ads, every ad you watch will give you an extra 1.5 hours of time, with a maximum of 12 hours.

When deploying the update Skynode ran into some slight issues with the video ads, this does not affect the server renewals, you can still renew your server and extend your suspension timer. They are hoping to resolve this issue soon.

Skynode has also introduced an adblocker blocker to help people remember that they rely on income from (video) ads to keep their free service online. They hope everyone respects this and disables their ad blocker to support us.

Yet another panel update including:

Database Location Selector
Skynode recently moved its database location from EU to NA because they were switching providers but this resulted in some issues due to poorer connections for EU customers. They have therefore introduced a database location selector where you can choose if you want to have your database in the EU or NA.

Bedrock Server Type Changer
You are now able to easily change your Bedrock server type with a single click of a button. Skynode supports PocketMine, Nukkit, and Vanilla bedrock.

SFTP Improvements
Due to recent SFTP Flood attacks Skynode has decided to switch over to the standalone SFTP server. They have also made some customization to it to help mitigate these types of attacks in the future. By using the standalone SFTP server we can guarantee that panel performance is not impacted anymore by these types of attacks.

That is all for now!

As you can see Skynode has been growing over the years with bringing in more features and better user experience. This is still going to get expanded and there are more updates planned! Thank you for reading the History of Skynode for this part. Stay tuned for the next update which will be made on January 1st, 2021.

Tycho Loke

Tycho Loke

I am Tycho Loke 21 years old and I work as the Community Manager and Tier 3 Support at Skynode. Besides this I also write articles that are being placed on the blog.

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